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2019年12月4日,臺大出版中心、臺大外文系、與本院合作舉辦「東西文學與文化研究叢書Digitalizing the Global Text」新書座談會,主講者為美國南卡羅來納大學副校長兼語言文學文化系教授Paul Allen Miller,本院廖咸浩院長受邀擔任座談會與談人。



講題: Exploring Paths to the Global Humanities


主講人:Paul Allen Miller(美國南卡羅來納大學副校長、語言文學文化系教授)




日期:2019/12/4(三) 10:00-11:30




In this talk, I will discuss briefly the origins scope of the East-West Encounters in Literature and Cultural Studies Series. I will then make some brief observations on the state of globalism and the place of the humanities, before closing with some personal observations on the necessity for a comparative perspective. In particular, I will argue that the need for East-West Comparative work is only growing, that we need to promote transnational literary study as an antidote both to an unprincipled neoliberalism and aid to mutual understanding, and that we must recognize the existence of parallel worlds so evolve new modes of thought that speak between them: the Platonic, the Confucian, Vedic, and the Koranic.




Paul Allen Miller is Vice Provost and Carolina Distinguished Professor at the University of South Carolina. He received his PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Texas in 1989. He has held visiting appointments at the University of the Ruhr (Bochum), the University of Paris 13, and Beijing Language and Cultural University. Allen Miller is the former editor of Transactions of the American Philological Association. He is the author of Lyric Texts and Lyric Consciousness (1994), Latin Erotic Elegy (2002), Subjecting Verses (2004), Latin Verse Satire (2005), Postmodern Spiritual Practices (2007), Plato’s Apology of Socrates (2010) with Charles Platter, A Tibullus Reader (2013), Diotima at the Barricades: French Feminists Read Plato (2015), and Horace (2019). He has edited fifteen volumes of essays on literary theory, gender studies, and topics in classics as well as published more than 75 articles on Latin, Greek, French, and English literature and philosophy. He is currently at work on a book on Foucault’s late lectures on antiquity.