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Given the crises facing the humanistic values and human existence in the contemporary world, as well as the ongoing pursuit of broadening and deepening academic visions, major global educational institutions have felt profoundly the necessity of establishing an institution for advanced research. Therefore, this university took the lead in establishing the first Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences in the Chinese-speaking region on October 18, 2005, aiming to provide a comprehensive interdisciplinary platform for research on fundamental issues in the humanities, social sciences, basic sciences, and technology by facilitating exchanges at both institutional and international levels. With revitalizing humanistic values as its foundational inspiration, and by transcending the fragmentation of disciplines in knowledge production, the institute seeks to promote interaction and dialogue across different fields and thereby fostering breakthroughs and advancements in academic research. Ultimately, it aspires to renew humanistic values and redefine the relationship between humanity and nature so as to contribute in its modest way to addressing the major crises facing the globe.